SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd.
SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd.

Dream your home

Trusted Smart Home Automation Products

SHD is developing a series of energy saving, connected building automation and security products.

Products for new homes, condos, offices and hotels.


Devices are embedded with open-source firmware for simplified connectivity and serve as a platform for application developers to build user interfaces

Charge Devices, Connect Effortlessly

The company’s first commercially ready product is the USB Power Hub

Future products include Wi-Fi/Bluetooth connectivity hub, WiFi range extender & Light switch/security camera

SHD products include hardware and software security layers, and downloadable software apps for monitoring power consumption.

Decor Friendly, Energy Efficient, Smart Home Suite

Smart home products are décor friendly and have a similar appearance despite their different functions built into standard AC outlet utility boxes providing full functionality 

Power consumption and user data is acquired and transmitted to the gateway for energy savings and home automation management.


The Opportunity

The Shd smart home team

Sat Samra, CEO

Mr. Samra is the co-founder and CEO of SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd. He is a business professional with 16 years of broad business experience in technology, banking and import foods. In 2001, Mr. Samra’s co-founded QF International Foods and served as the its President until its sale in 2005. In addition to SHD Smart Home Devices Ltd., Mr. Samra is also the co-founder and Vice President of Megahertz Power Systems Ltd., an R&D company focused on the development of environmentally friendly power systems.   

Robert Taylor, CTO

Robert Taylor, SHD’s co-founder and chairman, has 40 years of technology development, technology licensing and technology marketing with M&A experience in the semiconductor and power converter industry. Mr. Taylor has played a seminal role in the development and commercialization of SHD’s technologies and leads its product development efforts.    

A. Paul Gill, VP Business Development

Mr. Gill is involved in the planning and implementation phases of creating new businesses and restructuring organizations. In the public markets, he is currently the CEO of Lomiko Metals (TSXV: LMR). Mr. Gill also works with pre-IPO companies and is the CEO of Lomiko Technologies and Director of Graphene ESD. Through AJS Management Corp., he provides advice to private sector clients.     n

Jan Lauver, CFO

Jan Lauver, SHD’s Chief Financial Officer, has over 40 years of business and legal experience, including with high technology start-up ventures in fields such as power converters, semiconductors, flat panel displays, semiconductor manufacturing equipment, and electro-magnetic compliance test equipment. Mr. Lauver manages the company’s financial, legal and intellectual property affairs.  


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